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Mazing technique

Towermadness Zero/HD

A comprehensive wiki/guide on the iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad games TowerMadness Zero, TowerMadness, and TowerMadness HD.

Towermadness is a Strategy based game for the iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad. You set up towers in a ultimate 3D world to defender your poor sheep from the invading aliens. With many different maps, aliens, and towers, this game is sure to please. There are many maps to choose from and towers to defend with, with new additives being updated often. Below are the Maps, Towers, and Alien types that you may encounter.


Easy: Plain Plane, Icegarden, and Stripes

Medium: Divided Attention, Lilypad, Bayou, ckerboard, Maze, Necropolis, Racetrack, Roll, Sawtooth, Sparta, TetroMino, and Winterlands.

Hard: Borderlands, Frostbite, labryinth, Micro, Windingwoods, Chance, Domino, Infinity, Giza, Invasion, Muttons Folly, Snake, Spyra, and MysteryMarch

Madness: Endurance (Good luck, fella), Madness, Blizzardgale, SuddenDeath, and ZigZag.

Aliens: Grey Aliens (the mainstay), Flying Alien (the cruiser over your defenses), Spawn Alien, Regen Alien, Armored Alien, Crittasaur, and the Bosses.

Finally, the Towers:

Energy: Plasmatron, Laser Cannon, Railgun

Explosive: Mortar, Guided Missiles, Flak

Lighting: Electroslow, Electroshock, Electroboost.

Special: Flamethrower (Superweapon),Flash Bait,Proximity Mine

Objective and Info:

To save 10 sheep (1 on SuddenDeath & 6 on Snake) from the incoming waves of aliens. Players have the choice to choose to send all waves of aliens in at once, or one at a time. Each wave is seperated by 20 Sec if not chosen at the same time. They also have the option to speed up gameplay (2X). If succesful with all 10/10 Sheep, it will show on the players list.

Game Modes:

Normal: Chosen number of waves at a set difficulty and a set amount of cash to win

Endless (Easy, Medium, Hard, Endless): The difficuly modes are the same as the normal, just endless waves. In Sandox mode, players receive a whopping 10k Starting gold and a speed boost of adding towers before sending endless waves.

More to come soon, Great game, Enjoy! 06:55, June 6, 2010 Hamza
TowerMadness Gameplay Basic Mazing

TowerMadness Gameplay Basic Mazing

Mazing Technique


Alot of tips can be used on this. Many advanced players will try to top the leaderboards with extreme strategy by sending in all the waves at once. This presents a big challenge since you have a limtied amount of cash and are barraged by different types of aliens at once requiring to set up Air and land Defences. One of the most commonly used strategy on a non-fixed map is Mazing. A player simpilies sets up a border on each side of the path in any direction he pleases. Usually the cheapest, at 5 gold, Plasmatron, it works the best. Another tip would be to slow down the enemy, by setting up electroslow all over the map. Never give up the full potential of your weapon, especially nukes and flamethrowers. Surround one with many Electroboost towers as possible, giving it a big boost. 07:01, June 6, 2010 (UTC)Hamza- Ranked 1 on 13 Maps (Endless Medium)

You can always check out the leader boards to watch the replays how people play the map, how they lay out their towers, etc.

To get to the leader board, tap the button on the top left "Madness Online >>" 

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